Your amazing dress doesn't have to be worn for one day and one day only; give your gown another spin in the sun through our curated consignment collection!

Perpetuating our mission for a greener and more affordable dress shopping experience, consignment is a fabulous way to extend the magic of your attire to someone new.

Instead of letting your gorgeous gown sit in the back of your closet, or selling it to a stranger on Craigslist, we would love to offer our care and give your dress the attention it deserves. We make resale easy, fast and profitable.

Simply submit your application with pics of your dazzling dress and we'll do the rest!

sell on Consignment


Is your beautiful gown ready for consignment at Second Summer Bride? To apply, click on the appropriate consignor button below.

How we select gowns for resale:
Pre-loved gowns must be professionally cleaned to qualify for consignment (however, this does not require  additional "box preservation" service). Proof of professional cleaning may be required.  If you don't already have a cleaning service in mind, Second Summer offers our own service;  dress cleaning is a fee of $125, paid upon consignment agreement. Processing gowns to be properly cleaned takes up to 4-6 weeks, before they are ready to go on the rack!

Hoping to maximize your the resale of your gown? We can recommend fantastic tailors that can restore any snags and wear that would otherwise reduce your gown’s value. Be sure to include a thorough, itemized description of any flaws on your application form.   
Please refer to our FAQ's below for all requirements.

STEP 2 - sell

After your gown has been pre-approved for consignment, we will request you bring it to Second Summer Bride for review. Together we will determine the initial resale price of the gown based on its condition, original retail price, age and style. There is a one-time $25 fee.

Please refer to our FAQ's below for information pertinent to consignors.

STEP 3 - earn

Upon approval, our experienced bridal specialists will begin the journey of your gown to its next bride! We are so excited to give your dress an opportunity to wow a new wedding party. Upon sale of your consignment gown,  you will be promptly receive payment for 50% of the sale price via check. We look forward to doing business with you!


WHAT IS CONSIGNMENT? Consignment is when a shop sells goods for an owner. The owner keeps ownership of their item until it sells, if it sells. As the owner, you'd split the compensation for us selling your item. For example, you consign your gown for $1000. Generally, when we sell your dress, we split the profit 50% or $500 each of us. If the gown doesn’t sell, then you take your items home or we donate it for you.

DO YOU BUY GOWNS? We do not buy gowns, that is not our business model. We only consign gowns from brides, designers and bridal shops if they meet our criteria.

CAN I JUST BRING IN MY DRESS? Unfortunately, we do not accept walk-in consignments. All consignors have to fill-out our consignment form and schedule an appointment.

DO YOU RENT GOWNS? We do not rent gowns, and currently we are not aware of local companies that do.

application FAQ

 - Most worn and unworn gowns must be no more than 3 years old to be accepted for consignment.
 - However, couture gowns originally priced $3,500 or higher may be accepted up to 5 years old.
 - Custom created gowns are accepted on a case-by-case basis. We'd love to see your personalized dress to see if it would be a good fit! Please call ahead (916) 330-4422 to inquire about custom gown consignment.
 - We do accept veils and hair accessories in exceptional condition.
 - We do not accept fine jewelry or shoes, at this time.
-  Gowns ordered from "discount designer dress makers"  or unauthenticated copies are not eligible for consignment.
 - We do not accept gowns from David's Bridal at this time, due to frequent fluctuation in price and availability.
 - We are no longer accepting vintage gowns, unless they come from a recognizable design house (i.e. Chanel).

consignor FAQ

  - Upon approval, you will be named consignor; Second Summer Bride will be named consignee.
 - We will not purchase your gown directly from you - dress sale is subject to purchase by clients of Second Summer Bride.
 - Our consignment agreement is valid for 4-6 months, pending further review. 
 - In the event of an unsold gown within the agreement duration, we will, together, decide to either lower the price, schedule a return to consignor, or we can make arrangements to donate it upon request.
 - We employ profit sharing model; we will issue payment to the consignor of exactly 50% of the proceeds from the sale.
 - Payment is not made until the gown sells and is processed through our accounting department.

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