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One of our first brides, Joanne said yes and made everyone's Celtic dreams come true in South Lake Tahoe.

tahoe love

Joanne & chris

     Our Alaskan wedding day fairytale couldn’t have been more perfect. The decor of the good ole outdoors made for a mystical yet rustic vibe to our venue, which so happened to be my grooms own backyard! His family home on Island Lake in Kodiak, Alaska was a dream wedding destination. Well... it wasn’t the dream at first... originally the vision was to have our ceremony on their 116ft commercial fishing vessel known as the Silver Spray, BUT apparently the salmon season was booming this summer so the boat wasn’t home in time. Talk about a game changer, right? Did I mention we didn’t know this until a week before our wedding day? Panic mode. Though one of many stressors leading up to our day, the second I saw him as I walked down the aisle to the song “I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You,” everything melted away. I was marrying the man of my dreams, my knight in shining armor, my best friend.
Soon after we said “I Do,” we walked down the aisle together as one, husband and wife; riding off into the lily pads of Island Lake in our red getaway canoe. Of course my husband (ahh husband!) had to do all the rowing himself because this bride was NOT about to get her gorgeous gown muddy. He paddled us to the opposite side of the lake where our photographer, Adeline Jones, met us for our Alaskan wonderland photoshoot.

love in the last frontier

lyndie & ashlan

    That night, instead of rushing to a wedding reception, where family and friends await upon our arrival... we had a date. Just the two of us. We booked a reservation for 2 at our favorite sushi restaurant on Kodiak and ordered anything we wanted (by this time we were absolutely starving after all the excitement). Still dressed head to toe in makeup, hair spray/gel, the white gown with a long train, his suit/tie, the works. We were congratulated many times by complete strangers and our waitress took our picture for the restaurant wall. No pressure of a reception or trying to impress people (I highly recommend it). The nicest gesture was when someone anonymously paid for our dinner that night. Blessed.

     Now, we still had a reception. EXCEPT it was the following night after all the excitement of the ceremony slowed its course a bit. This was held at Afognak Native Corporation in Kodiak, AK. A view of the boat harbor from our dinner table brought the Alaskan theme indoors. From top to bottom one whole wall (with very tall ceilings) was a window looking out on the water. It was a bit drizzly that night too so it had a cozy feel. We dined on a salmon feast, all prepared by my chef of a husband and ended with an incredible chocolate raspberry naked cake surrounded by 100 decorated cupcakes that my Auntie Kalena bakes for us. Let’s just say people went back for seconds. 

     Then... it was over. The festivities had come to its end and we rode off into the sunset (literally) in my husbands old flatbed pick up truck; that beeped like a tractor hauling wood if you backed up. Even that old truck was perfect, because that man driving it with a titanium ring on his left hand was all mine. And then, just like that, the next chapter of our lives turned to the next page titled, “Married Life”. 

bride: @lyndieprout
groom: @thealaskanashlan
makeup/cake: @kplorrain
photographer: @adelinemjones
reception venue: Afognak Native Corporation

Jess and I had mutual friends and had known of each other for years. We finally met and were able to experience the indigenous Sunrise Ceremony together on Alcatraz Island. Although we didn’t see each other for a couple of months after that; we couldn’t stop thinking of one another and we’re eventually drawn together again. After that we couldn’t be apart for long. Our love is very gentle and comfortable. We have a mutual admiration of nature and respect for our native ancestry (Jess- Chumash and Nancy-Chickasaw). At our wedding, we combined this love for nature (specifically winged animals) and our native roots. Nancy wears a Chickasaw beaded collar and Jess a traditional ribbon skirt. Feathers, butterfly decor, and flowers that both birds and butterflies love were prevalent. Our ceremony and reception were held at our 1915 Craftsman home in Sacramento with a small group of family and friends joining us. Nancy’s 11 year old daughter, Min Jee, was her maid of honor.

natural magic

nancy & jess

Bee & John packed-up the baby and pups and eloped with a lot of aloha magic in the air! She rocked a Lillian West gown and the beach setting!!!

aloha love

Briana & john

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